concept and direction Romeo Castellucci

Conception and directing
Romeo Castellucci

Scott Gibbons

Valer Dellakeza and the Officers Luca Nava, Sergio Scarlatella

Amateur performers 
Rolf Bach
Tidiane Jamayn Diallo
Maximilian Drehsen
Anton Pirx Dvořák
Uwe-Carsten Edeler
Peter Hartkopp
Jens Hoormann
Moritz Leon Hübner
Lukas Kieroth
Andreas Krieger
Lars Krüger
Kai Müller
Thomas Padanyi
Alexandru Pavliucov
Hendrik Persson
Stefano Picciau
Johannes Pisall
Paul Plümpe
Philipp Rauch
Markus Schimm
Jonas Schubert
Laurin Schuh
Paul Smollich
Alberto Torquati
Clemens van Gagern
Clemens Max Wolff

assistant DIRECTORS
Silvano Voltolina, Filippo Ferraresi

Collaboration in dramaturgy
Piersandra Di Matteo


Standards written by

Claudia Castellucci


Latin translation

Stefano Bartolini


Technical director

Eugenio Resta


Stage technician

Andrei Benchea


Light technician

Andrea Sanson


Sound technician
Claudio Tortorici



Chiara Venturini


Stage sculptures and automations

Plastikart studio


Costume creation

Atélier Grazia Bagnaresi


Co-production with Societas

Bros is an experiment: what happens if you put over twenty men on stage (amateur actors from Hamburg) who’ve collectively signed a pact agreeing to unquestioningly follow whatever orders they’re given by some opaque authority? It’s an evening about power, about suspending one’s own free will, about violence and mechanisms of war. The show was conceived by the visionary Italian director Romeo Castellucci at a time when almost nobody expected war in Europe. He masterfully weaves symbols of state power and law and order into a consummate artistic whole that blends choreography, theatre and visual art installation. And yet it’s also an evening of extremes, as horrifying as reality itself, an unsettling farce, a challenge to the senses.


Romeo Castellucci is a superstar of the European festival and opera world, who was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale. At the Lessingtage, he’ll now be making a rare appearance in Hamburg. 



Guest performance Societas, Italien


Admission € 16-79 
Duration 1:30h, without intermission 

No language skills required
From 16 years


Note: The production contains scenes with explicit violence, nudity and, in some moments, very loud music. 


On 1st February, 7:30 PM: 


On 2nd February afterwards:

Michael Laages (theatre critic) in conversation with Romeo Castellucci and the ensemble. 



Production: Societas. Co-produced by: Kunsten Festival des Arts Brussels; Printemps des Comédiens Montpellier 2021; LAC Lugano Arte Cultura; Maillon Théâtre de Strasbourg – Scène Européenne; Temporada Alta 2021; Manège Scène nationale; Le Phénix Scène nationale; MC93 Maison de la Culture de Seine-Saint-Denis, ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Italy, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Holland Festival; Triennale Milano Teatro; National Taichung Theater, Taiwan

Foto: Jean Michel Blasco / Zeichnung: Stefan MarxBros © Jean-Michel BlascoBros © Jean-Michel BlascoBros © Jean-Michel BlascoBros © Jean-Michel BlascoBros © Luca Del PiaBros © Luca Del PiaBros © Luca Del Pia