Bomb Shelter Art Resistance Night

Bomb S
helter. Art Resis
tance Night

Foto: Ole Herman Andersen / Zeichnung: Stefan Marx© Ole Herman AndersenDakh Daughters © Olexandr KosmachRagapop © Serghiy MorgunovStus: Passerby © Catherina HessWARНЯКАННЯ © Kirai GigsSolo opera Non Verba

Vlad Troitskyi

Andrii Palatnyi

Composer [sound installation]

Vocals and readings
Mariana Danchenko
Sofiia Baskakova
Nataliia Charpe
Nataliya Halanevych
Ruslana Khazipova
Solomiia Melynk
Ganna Nikitina
Tetiana Troitska
Ihor Dymov
Volodymyr Rudenko

Solomia Kushnir 
Oda Thormeyer 
Tilo Werner 

Viktoriia Fedoriv

Technical team
Simon Auffret
Light and video artist
Astkhik Hryohorian
Video artist
Mariia Yakovenko
Sofiya Melnyk
Alina Danylova

Dakh Daughters "Ukraine fire"
Nataliia Charpe, Nataliya Halanevych, Ruslana Khazipova, Solomiia Melynk, Ganna Nikitina
Project manager
Iryna Gorban

Ragapop [concert performance]
Ganna Nikitina, Ruslana Khazipova
Musician and sound engineer
Anton Ocheretianyi

Stus:Passerby [chamber opera]
Sofiia Baskakova, Ihor Dymov
Artist and composer
Volodymyr Rudenko

Solo opera Non Verba
Mariana Danchenko

Anton Slepakov
Electronic musician
Andrii Sokolov

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Bomb Shelter. Art Resistance Night invites the audience to spend a whole night at the theatre, experiencing through art a parallel reality that is now everyday life in every city in Ukraine. At the center, matresses and pillows for the audience to listen to the sounds of war, which have been rendered strange and unfamiliar. Live concerts (including Dakh Daughters, Ragapop and Stus:Passerby) and performances, video art shows and readings by Ukrainian artists and the Thalia Theater ensemble take place throughout the night at various locations. Considerate and respectful, this immersive theatre experience attempts to make the crisis vividly palpable, alternating between sensory and emotional overload and anxious waiting, between reality and dream. Finally, at the crack of dawn, everyone comes together to have breakfast.

Guest performance Center of Contemporary Art DAKH/ Gogolfest, Kiew, Ukraine


Yana Shliabanska
A graduate of Pyotr Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine (music composition). She worked
as a composer at Platform of modern dance, Malyy theater, electroacoustic duet GUMA, and as a
musician in the music formation «NovaOpera».

Dakh Daughters
Performance-concert «Ukraine Fire» – a testament to the absolute crime of Russia against Ukraine – a
brutal invasion of our country. «We are here today because we are musicians and artists. It is very
important for us to feel support and solidarity with Ukraine. The Ukrainian people became victims of
Russian aggression and heroes of resistance at the same time. Because slaves cannot defeat free
people, and light always overcomes the darkness».

Ragapop is a side project of Ruslana Khazipova and Anna Nikitina of Dakh Daughters, in
collaboration with Anton Ocheretyanyi. Essential for the band is its energy taken from Ukrainian culture,
the mysticism and eroticism of this place, no matter what language is used in a particular song.

Stus: Passerby
Stus: Passerby – is a meditative chamber opera about love, tenderness and fragility of life the purpose
of which is to reveal the person of Vasyl Stus and his poetry. The project was created, the idea of which
was to make Stus sound, heartbreaking content of his poetry. These poems already have everything:
rhythm, style, meanings, melody and work with them — this is an attempt to get the most out of them
laid down by Stus.


WARНЯКАННЯ – it is an attempt to document and therapeutically reflect on the events of the present
time, based on a war diary combined with electronic music. The project is created in real-time and is a
certain reflection and artistic response to the full-scale invasion of Russian occupation troops in

Solo opera Non Verba

Digital opera by a professional singer from Ukraine Mariana Danchenko with a wide range of genres in
the repertoire: from academic and opera to jazz and experimental music. From 2014 to the present,
Mariana is part of the Nova Opera and Das Wortspiel group. Solo opera Non Verba is a way to convey
the value of memory to the audience through the language of sound, dialogue with space, and voice.


germany premiere
28th January 2023, 11 PM-6 AM, Thalia Gauß

Admission € 31/17 
In Ukranian, English and German


Panel discussion
Defending our Future togehter

with Vlad Troitskyi (director DAKH), Andrii Palatnyi (dramaturge DAKH), Sasha Marianna Salzmann (author) u.a.
Admission € 11/9 / reduced tickets für visitors of DANSE MACABRE or BOMB SHELTER. Art Resistance Night


Initiated by the European Theater Convention