Pictures of your great love

Pictures o
f your gre
at love

by Wolfgang Herrndorf
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An evening about Isa, who rules the universe, the planet and everything.

A road trip. Through woods and puddles, thoughts and dashes. Isa is armed. A radical thinker, who could move the sun if she wanted to. She travels by foot. Taking a break at the golden mountain. ‘From up here I can see all across the country and I’m tired. Iron tongs rage inside me. I try to get to sleep but I can’t. I try to carry on but I can’t. I concentrate on the situation and come to the conclusion that I’m hungry.’
Then Isa carries on. Sentence by sentence. From place to place. And in between? “These are the gaps in causality. They are the missing transitions of cause and effect. In these places the whole universe gapes open,” – Wolfgang Herrndorf quotes philosopher Joseph Vogl in his blog, ‘Work and Structure.’
Following Herrndorf’s suicide in 2013, his final piece, ‘Pictures of your great love’ remains an unfinished novel, a ‘broken work’.

An evening by Birte Schnöink and Marie Rosa Tietjen
Thalia Gauß (Garage), 10th December