by Iwan Wyrypajew / directed by Alexander Simon
Fotos: Krafft Angerer

‘Sometimes when you’re drunk you can see better.’ - Damien Hirst

The latest comedy from Siberian author Iwan Wyrypajew drives us to unimagined truths and offers us insights into the nocturnal intoxication of a European metropolis. Drunken couples, managers, film people, models and prostitutes wander around a film festival. They leave the cinema or meet up with friends, talk about their successes and failures and the things they want to change. Stumbling, they confess their fear of cancer or animatedly express their death wishes. They claim back what life has taken away from them. Their voices make the inaudible, audible. Until finally even God begins to speak through them, and a kind of world formula rings out from this choir of angels. ‘Only love matters, nothing else. If you love, then you’re alive, if you do not love, you are a fucked-up lump of building foam,’ is just one truth to emerge from this unbelievable concert.

Premiere 13th April 2014, Thalia Gauss