by Héctor Flores Komatsu & Ensemble
Trailer Andares

Concept and Direction
Hector Flores Komatsu

Héctor Flores Komatsu & company

Raymundo Pavón Lozano


SET Design
Conceived by
Héctor Flores Komatsu


Painted by
Jesus Giles

Bryan Guerrero

Josué Maychi
Domingo Mijangos
Lupe de la Cruz

Produced by Héctor Flores Komatsu as an inaugural recipient of The Julie Taymor World Theatre Fellowship

“Andares” is a theatre creation about the lives of indigenous youth in México, devised collectively through personal anecdotes, ancestral myths, as well as traditional music and art forms. The play shines light on a range of realities – land usurpation, widespread violence, ancestral duties, community resistance, – that indigenous people face at the crossroads of modern life and tradition. Meaning “pathways”, ”Andares” is an intimate close­up on Mexico’s most remote corners and the extraordinary stories of its humble, everyday inhabitants.

From January 29 ­31, we show the documentary photo exhibit “The Wall” and the short film “On The Other Side” by Spanish artist and journalist Griselda San Martin.




Guest Performance Makuyeika Colectivo Teatral, Mexiko

In Spanish with German and English surtitles


Duration 1:15h

30th and 31st January 2020, Thalia Gauß (Garage)

On 31st January after the Performance:

Catarina Felixmüller (Free Journalist) Talking to Héctor Flores Komatsu & Ensemble


On Thursday, January 30, you can see both „Amarillo“ and „Andares“ in one night!

Foto: José Jorge CarreónFoto: Abraham Villafaña