'anˌ kɔmən


with unaccompanied minor refugees / directed by Gernot Grünewald
Gernot Grünewald
Anne Rietschel

There are approximately 1300 unaccompanied minor refugees living in Hamburg without any family – children and young people trying their best to learn German. Almost all of them are traumatised. How does our society respond to this particular challenge? Director Gernot Grünewald, graduate of the Hamburg Theatre Academy and recipient of the Körber Studio’s main prize for young directors in 2011, recently presented his production, ‘Children|Soldiers’ at the 2015 Lessingtage at Thalia at Gaußstraße, based on interview studies about violence among young people. The Hamburger Abendblatt called it ‘as impressive as it is oppressive’. Director Grünewald sees his new project as the natural thematic continuation of his work. Having fled from war, recruitment and exploitation in their homelands, these young people have now arrived with us after long, often dangerous journeys. So now what?


Premiere 24th October 2015, Thalia GAUSS (Ballroom)

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