All show
s cancelled

To avoid further spreading of the COVID-19 virus all shows have been cancelled starting from March 13th until April 30th.
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Safety first - All shows cancelled between March 13th and April 30th


To avoid further spreading of the COVID-19 virus all shows on all stages at Thalia Theater are cancelled between March 13th and April 30th. In closing the theatre for this period, we are following the orders of the Local Health Services Gesundheitsbehörde Hamburg.

This also includes a complete closure of the Nachtasyl bar and the Café Embassy of Hope at Thalia Gaußstraße until further notice.


Off-stage rehearsals are continued, stay posted here and on social media to keep updated.


We will keep you informed about new dates for our March and April Premiers aswell as for our international guest Performances "Barocco" and "Mo Fei".


Reimbursement of tickets


Tickets already bought and paid for will be returned. Tickets bought online in our Thalia Webshop will automatically be refunded in the days to come. No further action on your part is necessary.

Tickets bought as part of any subscription will automatically be re-credited to your account of subscriptions.

People having bought tickets of third party vendors such as eventim, inkultur, Theatergemeinde or ticket agencies are asked to address those for a refund.


Tickets bought in person at our box offices can be returned to our box office and service center at Alstertor over the next weeks. The box office at Alstertor, while closed in situ, remains accessible Mo-Sa 10am - 7pm and Su 4pm - 6pm via 040.32814-444,

Please also consider handing us your data necessary for reimbursing your tickets via the form below these information.


Please note that the reimbursement process might take a while. Thank you for your understanding.

Reimbursement of Tickets bought at box office

Please fill in all the information we need for a reimbursement of your tickets bought at the Thalia Theater or Thalia Gauß Box Offices.

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