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To offer more program accessible for non­-German speakers, Thalia Theater presents an array of repertory shows with English, Turkish and other surtitles, and keeps continuously adding to the list. The international guest performances are always shown with German surtitles, and – if available – also English ones.


Please find below the list of this season's plays with surtitles or multilingual plays. Note that not every date of repertory plays will be surtitled, so please find the next dates for surtitled plays in the calendarium following the complete list. Seats from which the surtitles can be read are clearly marked on the seating plan. Further information is available from the box office, Tel. 040.32 81 44 44. 

Plays with English surtitles:
Plays with Turkish surtitles:
Plays with German surtitles:
Plays with russian surtitles:
Plays in French:
Plays in Vietnamese:
Plays in Russian:
Plays in Mandarin:
Plays with Polish Surtitles:
Plays with Arabic Surtitles:
Plays with Ukrainian Surtitles:
Multilingual plays:
Stay tuned for shows with surtitles