Thalia International

Thalia International is our new, broader focus, which will showcase theatre traditions and artists from across the world during the 2019 & 2020 season.

This year Thalia Theater will be an even greater platform for Europe and its artists, presenting worldclass visiting productions on the main stage throughout the year, staging international co­productions and exploring relevant themes. The Lessingtage Festival once again gives us the opportunity to pose the pressing questions affecting our society today, with an exciting range of formats performed across all of our venues. We present the work of directors whose productions you couldn’t see anywhere else in Germany. We establish international co­productions including our ensemble to explore how collaboration across national borders can be truly effective. We can’t wait for you to join us, for absorbing experiences that will challenge all our viewing habits.


In order to properly set the scene for you when you come to see our international visiting productions, we now also provide an introduction before every performance. By doing this we bridge language barriers, and offer exciting insights into the development process of the production, and why it was selected.


Keep an eye out for these headings:

Thalia International Guest Performance
Thalia International Co­production
Thalia International Festival
Thalia International Surtitles

… these will guide you through Thalia’s diverse range of international projects.


We also now provide English surtitles for more of our in­house productions, thereby renewing our invitation to non­German speaking audiences – be they Hamburg residents or tourists.

Welcome to the world!

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Thalia Internati
onal | Surtitles

Thalia Theater regularily presents shows with surtitles. At present the repertory offers English and Turkish surtitles.
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Mitos 21

In May 2019, Thalia Theater has become a member of the European Theatre Network mitos21, consisting of Europe’s most powerful and important theatre institutions. The main objective of this trans­national, informal network is to create artistic instances where theatre professionals from Europe and around the world can meet, collaborate and work together, as well as jointly question and reconsider the role of theatre in contemporary society from their respective, diverse and unique professional backgrounds and experiences. mitos21 is a non­profit association, with its artistic seat shared among the network’s members on a rotating basis. 


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