Thalia and Coronavirus

Everything you need to know about your visit to the theatre


ARRIVING AND LEAVING Please plan to be at the theatre at least 30 minutes before the performance begins, in order to avoid long waiting times in the admission queue and to guarantee that you can get to your seat calmly and in good time. Please take note of the seating chart on your ticket and follow the signposted routes. Entry and exit to the theatre will be via a one-way system, through separate doors and we ask you to please ensure you are maintaining social distancing. If you have any questions on the night, our front of house staff are there to help you at any time.


For the attendance at performances you need to be vaccinated OR recovered OR tested. So you need:

• EITHER a current double vaccination certificate (vaccination card or vaccination certificate. Vaccination certificate only valid from 14 days after second vaccination)
• OR a convalescent certificate (min. 28 days and max. six months old)
• OR a current official negative rapid test with corresponding proof documentation from the test centre (NO at-home self-test).


WHERE WILL I SIT? Seats are sold in a chess pattern, which ensures safety distance between you and the next (even If they may be from your own household). Please ensure safety distance while moving through the theater and only sit on the seats you booked. Do not change or swap seats. We have modified some seats with perspex screens to allow you to sit safely alongside more guests, including in the middle boxes and the seating for the studio stage at Gaußstraße.
Most performances won’t have an interval.

Our air-conditioning system constantly delivers clean air, allowing us to look after our guests.


COMPULSORARY MASKS You must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth while in the theatre and until of the performance.


HAND WASHING We have placed hand sanitiser dispensers at the theatre entrance and in the foyer – please use them!


CLOAKROOM In order to avoid unnecessary crowding, the cloakroom in the foyer will remain closed for the foreseeable future. You are welcome to take your coats and jackets with you into the auditorium, and place them on the free seat next to you. Or simply leave your jackets and bags in the car.


DINING The theatre restaurant, Café des Artistes, is open for bookings and looks forward to welcoming you before or after the performance. To reserve a table, just call 040 30375088.


CONSIDERING OTHERS Your health and wellbeing is important to us. Should you feel ill, or if you are suffering cold-like symptoms, please stay at home, as we will not be able to let you in. Unfortunately, anyone who has had contact with COVID patients up to 14 days before the performance cannot take part in any of our events.


YOUR SEASON TICKET In order to ensure we can maintain social distancing, the seating capacity for the main stage is reduced to 500 seats until further notice, and capacity will be reduced to a third for Thalia Gaußstraße. Furthermore, our health and safety department has designed a new seating plan in close collaboration with the relevant authorities – the modified seating arrangement in the auditorium will protect the audience. Every other row in the auditorium will remain empty. We will offer ‘seating islands’ with one, two or more seats available. These ‘islands’ are arranged in line with social distancing measures. We will ensure everyone stays the appropriate distance apart, in their seats and on the stage. We have also put perspex screens in place in the boxes for your protection. We hope you can understand that not all season ticket seats will be available. If your season ticket seat is affected you will receive a message from the box office in good time, and we will send you replacement tickets for that performance.


SWAPPING SEASON TICKETS Your season tickets and gift vouchers are valid for longer: we are extending the expiry date to cover the whole of our next season, up until summer 2022. Should you not attend your season ticket performances, you still have the flexibility to change dates as usual. Simply speak to a member of our team in the box office.


Questions? The box office at Alstertor is open all summer long to answer your queries, from Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, on 040/32814-444


We look forward to your visit!