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Thomas Niehaus

Thomas Niehaus

The Lübeck-born actor studied acting at the Hanover Academy for Music and Drama and, while still a student, enjoyed his first on-stage experiences at theatres in Lübeck and Hanover. In 2004 he went to Claus Peymann at the Berliner Ensemble and worked principally with directors Claus Peymann, Thomas Langhoff, Manfred Karge and Philip Tiedemann. He performed roles including Andri in Max Frisch’s ‘Andorra’ and the templar in Lessing’s ‘Nathan der Weise’, as well as the part of Andreas Kragler in Philip Tiedemann’s production of ‘Trommeln in der Nacht’ and Len in Bond’s ‘Saved’.

After his time in Berlin, Thomas Niehaus moved to Thalia during the 2009/2010 season for his second long-term job. He appeared in many productions during the 12/13 season, including as the lead role of Otto Quangel in Luk Perceval’s adaptation of the Fallada novel ‘Jeder stirbt für sich allein’. Furthermore, he has been involved in various different programme series within the venue and at the Thalia theatre bar, Nachtasyl.