men zu Der Box

„And again, Ewelina Marciniak delights the audience and critics, consciously and consistently inverting the story of the male world of simple solutions, in which violence is the only tool for building order. "Boxer" - Twardoch's novel appeared under this title in Germany - cleverly rewritten by Jaroslaw Murawski, in Marciniak's interpretation becomes a sensual, hypnotic, though essentially intimate tale of relationships that make us who we are, about how we want to live very desperately. And about women. Because they, and not Jakub, are the real heroines of the performance.“ - Michał Centkowski, Newsweek Polska, 25.09.2019


„A fascinating puzzle, dense with psychological emotion“ - Michał Centkowski, Newsweek Polska, 25.09.2019

„There is a noir cinema here, there is a gangster movie and a love story. There is rhythm, style and chic. Meanwhile, dark clouds of history gather somewhere above this jazzing easiness.“ - Michał Centkowski, Newsweek Polska, 25.09.2019


„This witty and melancholic spectacle becomes an elegy, colorful tale about the breakup of the old world, also thanks to the excellent music of Jan Duszyński, with beautiful, lyrical trumpet parts performed live by Anita Wälti.“ - Michał Centkowski, Newsweek Polska, 25.09.2019


„But this performance succeeds primarily due to great acting. The charismatic, archetypal male Szapiro impresses - the title boxer in the expressive interpretation of Sebastian Zimmler. Touching is Rosa Thormeyer as Ryfka [...]. This magnificent duo playing a dark version of the classic romance drives the Hamburg show. And there are also great Anna Blomeier as [...] Mrs. Szapiro and the cool and provocative Toini Ruhnke in the role of the statuesque beautiful Anna Ziembińska.“ - Michał Centkowski, Newsweek Polska, 25.09.2019


„Thanks to the brilliant choreography of Dominika Knapik, on the Hamburg stage without words, or rather between words, another story is going on in parallel. This is a story about the greedy will to live.“ - Michał Centkowski, Newsweek Polska, 25.09.2019