Pressestimmen zu Liliom

Press clippings Liliom, Premiere Thalia Theater


"Jörg Pohl and the exceptionally gifted Maja Schöne swing between strength and vulnerability with impressive intensity"- Larissa Dudek, NDR Hamburg Journal, 21.09.2019


"Sometimes you forget you’re sitting in the theatre rather than a cinema. Powerful, strong images accentuate the characters’ fragile relationships." - Larissa Dudek, NDR Hamburg Journal, 21.09.2019


"A wondrous, poetic fairy tale that stays true to much of the original Molnár text but also engages with the zeitgeist of gender debates, the MeToo movement and female autonomy." - Monika Nellissen,, 23.09.2019


„Jörg Pohl and Maja Schöne, two Thalia ensemble actors, gave blistering performances in the main roles as they navigated Mundruczo’s darkly wondrous production, with video, machinery and minimal props helping suggest Liliom’s struggle to confront his past.“ - A.J. Goldman, The Best (and Worst) Theater in Europe in 2019, NY Times, 20.12.2019


"Liliom starring Maja Schöne and Jörg Pohl in a production by Kornél Mundruczó, is so funny and sad, so light-footed and smart, it hits the nail on the head." - Florian Zinnecker, ZEIT Hamburg, 26.09.2019


"The actors in the Thalia ensemble deliver a complete tour de force." - Annette Stiekele, Hamburger Abendblatt, 23.09.2019


"What a set!" - Kester Schlenz,, 24.09.2019


"The actors were excellent but the stars of the show were two sinister industrial robots" - Kester Schlenz,, 24.09.2019


"Liliom is an ecstatic evening at the theatre: handled with so much empathy and an eye on the zeitgeist, material and themes that you may have thought were outdated are brought to today’s stage in magnificent style" - Larissa Dudek, NDR Hamburg Journal, 21.09.2019


"This production is affecting and poetic. Here we find two self-assured modern people who are in love against the odds, that much is clear. And the performances are fantastic." - Monika Nellissen,, 23.09.2019


"Liliom is portrayed incredibly well by Jörg Pohl, who plays this macho guy as a big kid who can’t escape his own skin. His girlfriend is played by Maja Schöne, who channels everything into controlling her husband, leading to inconceivable tragedy." - NDR 90,3, Peter Helling, 23.09.2019


"A fantastic ensemble. A brilliant evening. The production dramatises the divide in our society today – between the people who are trying to change the world and those on the other side, playing out the same male patterns persisting in their patriarchal system." - NDR 90,3, Peter Helling, 23.09.2019


"The idea is inspired – we are finally living in the era of #Metoo and we begin the piece in purgatory where Liliom must declare himself sexually in front of all sorts and explain himself as a non-conformist." - Annette Stiekele, Hamburger Abendblatt, 23.09.2019


"A superbly acted, worthwhile production, which proves itself against all the technical elements, offering something deeply human and very contemporary." - Annette Stiekele, Hamburger Abendblatt, 23.09.2019


"Amazed and slightly shivery, we are watching people failing in grand images. And at the end, when the robots also take a bow and the audience applauds, you find yourself reluctantly asking if perhaps we aren’t unknowingly paying homage to our new masters." - Kester Schlenz,, 24.09.2019


"Jörg Pohl gives a stunning performance as the failing man, switching backwards and forwards between despicable and likeable." - Dagmar Ellen Fischer, Hamburger Morgenpost, 23.09.2019


Press clippings Liliom, Premiere Salzburger Festspiele


„The two stars play refreshingly against type. Jörg Pohl’s Liliom is not a brawny brute, and Maja Schöne’s Julie is no virginal dope. Both are stubborn and strong-willed, yet vulnerable — which is exactly what makes their relationship so combustible.“ - A.J. Goldmann, The New York Times, 12.09.2019


„But such techniques [like video] never overwhelm the sheer presence of the actors, whose vitality seems amplified by the imposing automatons on either side of the stage.“ - A.J. Goldmann, The New York Times, 12.09.2019


"A great, very poetic, very ardent plea against social constructs of all kinds. And it’s not just well-intentioned. Mundruczó shows exactly what the theatre can do, and what it can be in this day and age. And that the others are always different. This production once again breathes new life into Molnár’s ‘Liliom’. A great evening." - Karin Fischer, Deutschlandfunk, 18.08.2019


"You’ll fall in love with this version of Liliom, cast against type." - Maike Schiller, Hamburger Abendblatt, 19.08.2019


"Mundruczó empathises with Molnár’s characters, he doesn’t caricature or denounce them, rather he presents them as self-assured, modern human beings, which is brilliant. Above all, the women are strong." - Christine Dössel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 19.08.2019


"It is marvellous how Oda Thormeyer gives her Frau Muskat as a proud dignity and warmth. There are some very intense scenes that the director filmed live in Castorf-Manier, in the narrow, interior wooden rooms there." - Christine Dössel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 19.08.2019


"Machines that people like: soulless, devoid of logic, whirring, discrete, equanimity that can be perceived as timidity. Industrial robots have rarely been seen so naked on stage." - Judith von Sternburg, Frankfurter Rundschau, 19.08.2019


"I could have kept watching for longer, as they come across each other, bawl, provoke, back pedal and form alliegances." - Judith von Sternburg, Frankfurter Rundschau, 19.08.2019


"Kornél Mundruczó presents the moral problem that we have with today’s society [...] - in one way, [...] which is unclear and contradictory and perhaps that is exactly as it should be." - Gabi Hift,, 17.08.2019


"The women in this production are all exceptional. Maja Schöne is strong and pig-headed as Julie,[...] Oda Thormeyer takes Frau Muskat and creates a truly great tragic heroine, who washes down her humiliation with grandeur, breaking your heart in the process. [...] Yohanna Schwertfeger plays Julie’s best friend Marie as sweet and brash [...] Photographer Hollunder (Sandra Flubacher) is [...] a lovable surreal flourish."  - Gabi Hift,, 17.08.2019


"A moving, funny and sad production of ‘Liliom’ – not didactic, not empty, with interesting people –it’s a real delight. [...] At the end of this production of ‘Liliom’, after the tears and laughter, you’re left with lots to reflect on." - Gabi Hift,, 17.08.2019


"Mundruczó has succeeded in bringing to life an engrossing two hour masterpiece. This is an intelligently staged, imaginative evening." - Die Presse, 19.08.2019


"Mundruczó’s Salzburg production of ‘Liliom’ is a dramatic spectacle. The heart of this playful and inventive evening is the ensemble of actors. Microphone-enhanced, they effortlessly prevail against Xenia Wiener’s emotional soundtrack that flits between techno and Tschaikowsky: Above all, Jörg Pohl stands out, leaving behind the stereotype of this role with admirable ease." - Badische Zeitung online, 21.8.2019