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Stéphane Laimé

Born in La Terté-Bernard in France in 1966, Stéphane Laimé trained as a set design assistant alongside directors Andrea Breth, Luc Bondy, Robert Wilson and Klaus Michael Grüber.

He has designed sets for productions by Stefan Pucher, Thomas Ostermeier and Thomas Dannemann at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, the Vienna Festival, the Maxim Gorki Theatre, the Zurich Schauspielhaus, the Frankfurt Schauspiel and the Munich Kammerspiele, as well as in Hamburg at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus and at Thalia.


In 2007, Stéphane Laimé was awarded the Austrian theatre prize, the ‘Nestroy’ and in 2008 he was given the ‘Opus’ prize by the German Theatre Association. In 2011, the critics of ‘theater heute’ magazine named him Set Designer of the year for his work on Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ (the Zurich Schauspielhaus production).


In 1997 he began a close working relationship with director Jan Bosse. Together they worked on productions including Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ (Zurich Schauspielhaus, 2007), Goethe’s ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ (Maxim Gorki Theatre, 2006), Büchner’s ‘Leonce and Lena’ (Thalia, 2009), Chekov’s ‘Platonov’ (Thalia, 2012) and Dostoevsky’s ‘The Gambler’ (Thalia Gauß, 2016).


Laimé first worked at Thalia in 2018, collaborating with director Johan Simons and creating the set design for Ayn Rand’s production of ‘Fountainhead’.