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Theresa Stark
Photo: Pool Recording @ Julian Heyden
Theresa Stark

Theresa Starks’s fascination with the drums began at a very young age. With steadfast support from her parents Theresa’s hobby soon developed into a passion. Her determination and talent to play did not go unnoticed as she was also encouraged by her teachers Joachim Leyh and Evert Fraterman from the Franconian Region. 
Attending Berufsfachschule in Dinkelsbuehl up next and studying at the Pop Academy in Mannheim Germany some years later, her Teacher Claus Hessler provided continuous professional advice and guidance. Fellow teachers: Udo Dahmen, Florian Alexandru-Zorn and Jost Nickel are always eager to seek creative inspiration. 
Theresa’s trademark style, versatility and emotional connection to percussion instruments drives her own personal demand for excellence.