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Barbara Aigner

Barbara Aigner, costume designer, master ladies' tailor, men's tailor and educator, active in musical theater and drama. After her training as an educator, men's and women's tailor, the latter master's degree in 1995 in Vienna, she worked as a costume assistant at the Burgtheater in Vienna from 1996-98. There she worked together with Bert Neumann, whom she accompanied from 1999 to 2001 as a costume and stage design assistant for the productions of Frank Castorf to Berlin, Zurich and Stockholm. During these years she also worked for the directors Doris Dörrie and Peter Konwitschny. From 2003 she worked as a costume designer with Dimiter Gottscheff, Frank Castorf and Barbara Beyer, among others. In 2007, her production of "Tartuffe" (Moliere) directed by Dimiter Gotscheff was invited to the Theatertreffen (Thalia Theater Hamburg / Salzburg Festival production). She has a long-standing working relationship with directors* David Bösch, Annette Pullen and Christopher Nel. In 2018 she started working for Peter Jordan and Leonard Koppelmann, with whom she realized her current work "Shockheaded Peter" by the Tiger Lillies at the Thalia Theater Hamburg

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