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Sandra  Flubacher
Photo: Armin Smailovic
Sandra Flubacher

Sandra Flubacher was a banker before she decided to go to drama school in her home town of Zurich. After graduating she started working in Cologne, Frankfurt and Bonn. Later she transferred to the Thalia ensemble under the directorship of Jürgen Flimm and played roles including Johanna Dark in Brecht’s ‘Die heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe’ by Ruth Berghaus, the title role in Lessing’s ‘Minna von Barnhelm’ by Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger and Natalja Ivanowna in Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ by Jürgen Flimm. She stayed in the ensemble when Ulrich Khuon came on board, and worked with Dutch director Alice Zandwijk, as well as David Bösch, under whose direction she played Sophie in Goethe’s ‘Clavigo’. Under Andreas Kriegenburg’s direction she played Marthe in ‘Urfaust’. She could be seen in the role of Marthe Rull in ‘Der zerbrochne Krug’, Bastian Kraft’s first production on the main stage, and she also worked with him on ‘Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss’. In the summer of 2014 she worked with the likes of Peter Jordan and Leonhard Koppelmann on ‘Thalia in the tent: The Three Musketeers.’

Sandra Flubacher has been a regular member of the Thalia ensemble since 1993.