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„A fascinating, effervescent tour de force that feeds the soul… Fafunwa's production crackles with both a lust for life and a defiance that is utterly stirring. A remarkable cast of Nigerian actresses pierce the heart—the finest ensemble of actors assembled on a Boston stage in the last several years.” – Theatermania


„Could scarcely be more timely. A call for female solidarity and empowerment.” – The Boston Globe


„Triumphant and powerful! After seeing “Hear Word”, I spent the day texting friends, urging them to get tickets to this powerful, life-affirming show. These women, and what they have to communicate, are not to be missed. Friend, go see this show.” – The Theater Mirror



„Written and directed by Ifeoma Fafunwa, “Hear Word!” is agitprop theater of an exceptionally vital order. A combination of song, dance, sketches and soliloquies, this enlivening production traces the injustices under which Nigerian women live, before turning into a jubilant repudiation of misogyny.“ - The New York Times


„In fact, Hear Word! as a whole can be seen as a jubilant act of artistic exorcism, with the 10-member cast all daring to stare straight into the face of the patriarchal society in which they find themselves trapped and say "no" in thunder.“ - theatermania, New York


„A brutally honest look at the issues affecting Nigerian women across all levels of society that spares no punches. But it manages to be both incendiary and inspirational, joyous and heartbreaking yet in the end, triumphant. It is infused with the indomitable life force that gave rise to mankind – for good or ill. And while there’s no mistaking that Fafunwa is specifically writing about women in Nigeria, it is impossible for it not to reverberate with women all over the globe.“ - The Front Row Center


„A gamut of essential tales and testimonies that tear at heart and conscience but leave you cheering for the better angels of the human soul.” – Edge Boston



„Searing performances.” – WGBH


„Viscerally alive! An impassioned, unified cry of defiance and transcendent affirmation. I was I was inspired to my bones and recognized myself in the frustration of every one of these experiences.” – Joyce Kulhawik